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Cartel - Cartel

วงใหม่ แนว EMO ออกปี 2007

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Album Description

The sophomore album by this Atlanta-based quintet follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, CHROMA. Complete with high polish, guitar-driven rock songs, sprightly hooks, and emo sensibility, Cartel's self-titled follow-up effort is a straightforward dose of punk-pop that manages to be reflective while still rocking out. The songwriting is sharper than on the band's debut, and the album is likely to sell well given Cartel's participation in MTV's BAND IN A BUBBLE series. The show housed the band in a giant bubble for 22 days, where they were filmed writing and recording the album. CARTEL will give fans of the show, and the band, a chance to hear the results of that process in glorious high fidelity.


1. Best, The

2. Tonight

3. Lose It

4. No Subject (Come With Me)

5. This Is Who We Are

6. I Will Hide Myself Away

7. Wasted

8. Fortunate, The

9. Georgia

10. If You Do, If You Don't

11. Lonely One

12. If I Were to Write the Song

13. Wasted - (remix, with Wyclef Jean)