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Frente! - Marvin The Album

Recommended track Accidently Kelly Street and Bizarre Love Triangle

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1. Girl

2. Labour Of Love

3. Ordinary Angels

4. Lonely

5. Most Beautiful

6. Cuscutlan

7. Pretty Friend

8. No Time

9. Reflect

10. Explode

11. Accidently Kelly Street

12. See/Believe 13. Dangerous

14. Bizarre Love Triangle


Details Distributor: Universal Distribution

Recording type: Studio Recording mode: Stereo SPAR Code: n/a


Album notes Frente!: Simon Austin (vocals, guitar, programming); Angie Hart (vocals); Tim O'Connor (bass); Mark Picton (drums, percussion); Alastair Barden (drums). Additional personnel: Russell "Jimmy" McGregor, Cate Gray, Graeme McKean, Tania Hardy-Smith (strings); Peter Knight (trumpet); Mark Fitzgibbon (piano); Phil Kakuwas (bass). Producers: Frente!, Michael Koppelman, Daniel Denholm, Simon Austin, Angie Hart, Phil Jones. Engineers: Frente!, Michael Koppelman, Daniel Denholm.


After years of morose grunge rock, dirgey guitars and hidden vocals, in skips Frente! to warm our hearts. Angie Hart's beaming, first-love vocals glide over Simon Austin's crisp, jazzy guitar interludes to create songs that sound like elegant dinner-party pop. From their smooth adaptation of Barry White's "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love," to the coffee house sing-along of New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle," Frente! have all pop bases covered. The original material on MARVIN THE ALBUM is equally strong. The pensive "Labour Of Love" and the soaring "Ordinary Angels" meld pop's best elements. "Labour Of Love" finds Hart coy and charming, her vocals betraying the effort of her "labour," while the house beat and clean pop instrumentation in "Ordinary Angels" shows that Frente! can rock harder than their shoe-gazing image implies. MARVIN THE ALBUM is an exercise in concise pop. Editorial reviews 4 Stars - Excellent - ...Angie Hart's little-girl voice is startlingly fresh with subversive beauty...they come across like knowing nursery rhyhmes for sexy, wised-up children... Rolling Stone Magazine (06/30/1994) 4 Stars - Excellent - ...the gorgeous voice of 22-year-old Angie Hart...makes Juliana Hatfield sound gravelly; her bandmates...make a sparse, delicate, summery pop music...Never cloying, simply heart melting... Q Magazine (08/01/1994) 7 - Very Good - ...skips along merrily, crammed full of inconsequential-but-infectious pop songs...[a] lovely, bubbly album... New Musical Express (07/09/1994)