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Heralds Of Oblivion Vol. 1

Include band: emolition, Catalepsy, Brainstorm, Decomposed, Mutilage.

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Track listing
1. Prolegomenon / Matanza
2. Catapult, The
3. When The Tomb Beckons / The Undertaking
4. Compulsive Beastiality
5. Lust For Carnage
6. Abrupt Gestation
7. Born To Kill
8. Domestic Violence
9. Strain Of Your Life
10. Angeles Diabolicos
11. Eaten By Acid
12. Ratas Humanas
13. Vomulence
14. Poisonous
15. Illusions

Playing time: 67 min.
Distributor: Caroline Distribution
Recording type: Studio
Recording mode: Stereo
SPAR Code: n/a

Album notes
Performers include: Demolition, Catalepsy, Brainstorm, Decomposed, Mutilage.
Contains 15 songs.